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CLARION (CLinician Administrator Relationship Improvement OrganizatioN) is a student-driven, staff/faculty-advised committee housed within the Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP). CLARION creates and conducts co-curricular, interprofessional experiences for health professional students based upon the Institute of Medicine’s report “Six Aims for a New Healthcare System.”

CLARION focuses on the professional development of health professional students and includes lessons in leadership, teamwork, communication, analytical reasoning, conflict-resolution, and business practices. Participation in CLARION leads students to a more sophisticated understanding of the healthcare system in which they will practice.

The organizational structure of the CLARION student board models the type of interprofessional equality and collaborative leadership which will be needed to effectively solve the current healthcare system challenges. The interactions which occur among students lead to critical learnings; the most prominent being that many fundamental biases about other professions are firmly rooted before students enter the health professions workplace. Hence, the primary goals of the organization are for participants to develop an understanding and appreciation of the skills that each profession brings to the healthcare team and to develop positive relationships which will extend into their professional careers.

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The cause is safe and high-quality care for patients. Tens of thousands of deaths occur each year from preventable medical errors. Miscommunication and lack of communication among caregivers are cited as a main cause of the problem.

The call from leaders in the healthcare field, such as the Institute of Medicine and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is that the safe, high-quality patient-centered health care system patients deserve will require breaking down the isolated disciplinary silos in which students are trained.

CLARION Activities

The CLARION curriculum is a year-long succession of experiential activities culminating in a “capstone event” - a Case Competition in which interprofessional teams of students present a root cause analysis of a fictitious sentinel event to a panel of senior-level health executives. Ultimately, CLARION is a catalyst, inspiring faculty to reexamine traditional curricula and seek ways to integrate interprofessional opportunities into the education and experience of health professional students.

CLARION sponsors a variety of events and activities, from the Interprofessional Dinner, which is a great opportunity to meet students from other programs and learn about the importance of interprofessionalism in healthcare from our guest speakers while enjoying a meal - to the annual case competition, in which local and national interprofessional teams compete to find the sentinel event and make recommendations surrounding a constructed, thought-provoking case.

How to Get Involved

Any University of Minnesota health professional student is welcome and encouraged to attend any CLARION events and to participate in the local case competition.