About CHIP


CHIP is a community that values interprofessionalism, equity, and wellbeing. We aim to foster a sense of connectedness and belonging among health sciences students at the University of Minnesota through co-curricular initiatives that are student-led and collaborative

We envision a future where transformative education is accessible to all.  We believe that by creating a learning environment that values diversity, inclusivity, and respect, we can provide emerging leaders in healthcare with the tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally. 



Student Conduct Code - All students are expected to follow the Student Conduct Code and Student Group Policies whether or not the University is in session. Any students engaging in prohibited behaviors outlined in Section IV of the Student Conduct Code (e.g., Property Damage, Disruption of Academic Environment) will be reported to University officials and/or officers of the law as applicable for appropriate disciplinary actions.

Animal Policy - In accordance with the UMN Animals on Campus Policy, animals are permitted in CHIP spaces (IP Student Lounge, Wellbeing Studio, and Pioneer Room) so long as compliance with the aforementioned policy is met (ex. service animals are permitted). Individuals are prohibited from bringing any animal not listed on the university policy website into CHIP spaces. If an unauthorized animal is found, the animal and its handler will be asked to leave the space immediately.