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CHIP is a student-driven, interprofessional community that values co-curricular education, equity, and wellbeing.

CHIP fosters connectedness and belonging among health science students at the University of Minnesota through collaborative initiatives that enhance health professional education. We provide a platform for emerging leaders in healthcare to develop the relationships and skills they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

We envision a future where transformative education is accessible to all health science students, which empowers students to become agents of change in the healthcare system.

Visual representation of CHIP programming.
The outline identifies essential core components of CHIP.
The middle describes what happens through CHIP programming.

CHIP History

In 1971, a small group of University of Minnesota students from medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health came together to form the Council for Health Interdisciplinary Participation. Together, these learners and community  organizers created space for health professional students to gather, intermingle, freely express themselves, and advocate for change within the healthcare industry both on and off campus. Throughout the following years, the student organization evolved into what is now known as the Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP). 

Over 50 years later, CHIP still adheres to the mission, values, and values of the original organizers despite its growth and shifted position within the University. As a unique office staffed mostly by students and that supports over 100 leaders of various student organizations, everything that CHIP does remains student-driven, interprofessional, and co-curricular. CHIP also continues to prioritize wellbeing among students as well as diversity and equity within healthcare. Through a continued emphasis placed on leadership development, peer education, community building, and advocacy, CHIP aims to provide health professional students unique and inclusive opportunities that help them connect, collaborate, and develop.

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