For Students

CHIP was a great way for me to get outside the Veterinary School and meet other students. It also allowed me to introduce my profession to them: I'll never forget the wide eyes of the medical students when they saw the 2-ton hoist in our large animal induction and surgical preparation area. (How else do you move an anesthetized 1200 pound animal?) - Kari Ekenstedt, Veterinary Student


Looking to meet students from other colleges? From our fall open house to stress-buster finals parties, we sponsor events that will help you build a broader social network. And connecting with students outside of your own program will give you a whole new perspective on health care. 


Take part in our noontime lectures, experiential education activities, weekend retreats, and field trips all organized by students, for students. You'll enhance what you learn in class, discover how to work as part of a team, and learn about other students' programs at the same time. 


Join us as we reach out to others. Our varied service activities have included volunteering at the PAWS for a Cause 5k, preparing food packages at Open Arms, and more!

CHIP is the leading community-building organization within the Academic Health Center and for me was the single most influential experience outside of the classroom. It was a window that allowed me to see who my team members would be once in the professional world. - Alan Johnson, MD