Interprofessional Student Lounge

IP Student Lounge

The Interprofessional Student Lounge is a comfortable and inviting place where you can connect with students from other health professions & colleges, study, hold meetings, or just hang out!  We welcome all health professional students to relax in our comfy space to feel like your home away from home. This modern space provides an array of amenities to provide you with the best experience, including: refrigerators, microwaves, and separate room for quiet study with individual study spaces. 

The IP Student Lounge is open Monday - Sunday: 6:00 a.m. to midnight. Students are not permitted in the space outside these hours. Located in HSEC 7-110.

HSEC is a university building, open to the entire university community, including programs outside of the health sciences. The IP Lounge is a community built of health professional students from the following graduate and undergraduate programs. Please get to know the professions represented in the lounge!