Student Organizations


CLARION creates and conducts co-curricular, interprofessional experiences for University of Minnesota Academic Health Center students based upon the Institute of Medicine’s report “Six Aims for a New Healthcare System.

Nutrition Education and Health Awareness

Nutrition Education and Health Awareness (NEHA) is a group that advocates for increased nutritional information in medical curriculum and is involved with outreach to schools about nutrition with an interprofessional approach.

Student Committee on Bioethics

Since the 1970s, the Student Committee on Bioethics (SCOB) has promoted student education and engagement in bioethics. Our goal is to involve present and future health care providers of all disciplines in critical and open explorations of the ethical issues and dilemmas that arise within the bio/medical context. 

CHIP Executive Council

The CHIP Executive Council is CHIP's governing student body and is comprised of students from each of the Academic Health Center schools and colleges as well as the Allied Health programs. Through this organization you'll strengthen your organizational and team-building skills, enhance what you learn in class, and have fun in the process!