Executive Council

The CHIP Executive Council is CHIP's governing student body and is comprised of students from health professional programs. 

student recruitmentThrough this organization you'll strengthen your organizational and team-building skills, enhance what you learn in class, and have fun in the process!

Executive Council members keep their fellow classmates informed about CHIP-related events, plan academic and social interprofessional activities and work on issues of common interest.

Interested in getting involved? 

Contact your CHIP Executive Council representative for more information!

Current Representatives:



Email Address

Chelsea Bolier (Co-Chair) Pharmacy bolie001@umn.edu
Melissa Bauer (Co-Chair) Physical Therapy baue0394@umn.edu
Megan Culp Dentistry culpx033@umn.edu
Peter Degallier Dentistry degal005@umn.edu
Kelly Dubois  Dentistry dubi123@umn.edu
Pa Nhia Her Dentistry herxx252@umn.edu
Daniel Lang Dentistry lang10003@umn.edu
Sloan Meadows Dentistry  meado055@umn.edu
Ruth Gebremedhin Healthcare Administration gebre052@umn.edu
Toya Lopez Healthcare Administration lopez814@umn.edu
Gunnar Nemitz Medicine nemit013@umn.edu
Andrew Ashmore Medical Laboratory Sciences ashmo017@umn.edu
Julia Hudgens Medical Laboratory Sciences hudge005@umn.edu
Marin Fischer Nursing (BSN) fisch961@umn.edu
Jessica Lenderts Nursing (MS) lende017@umn.edu
Julia Barbian Occupational Therapy barb0177@umn.edu
Karie Francen Occupational Therapy franc679@umn.edu
Meagan McCormick Pharmacy mccor348@umn.edu
Keri Rogan Physical Therapy rogan011@umn.edu
Lydia Stein Physical Therapy stei1414@umn.edu
Ellen Sutter Physical Therapy sutte051@umn.edu
Bharat Balyan Public Health balyan002@umn.edu 
Gregory Knowlton Public Health knowl193@umn.edu
Alexia Martin Public Health mart3791@umn.edu
Alexandra McFawn Veterinary Medicine mcfaw001@umn.edu
Tatum Odland Veterinary Medicine odlan035@umn.edu
Caitlyn Rize  Veterinary Medicine  rize0001@umn.edu