Executive Council

The CHIP Executive Council is CHIP's governing student body and is comprised of students from each of the Academic Health Center schools and colleges as well as the Allied Health programs. 

student recruitmentThrough this organization you'll strengthen your organizational and team-building skills, enhance what you learn in class, and have fun in the process!

Executive Council members keep their fellow classmates informed about CHIP-related events, plan academic and social interprofessional activities and work on issues of common interest.

Interested in getting involved? 

Contact your CHIP Executive Council representative for more information!

Current Representatives:



Email Address

Michaela Wermers (Co-Chair) Pharmacy werme010@umn.edu
Simon Yang (Co-Chair) Medicine yang6095@umn.edu
Megan Culp Dentistry culpx033@umn.edu
Peter Degallier Dentistry degal005@umn.edu
Kelly Dubois  Dentistry dubi123@umn.edu
Pa Nhia Her Dentistry herxx252@umn.edu
Daniel Lang Dentistry lang10003@umn.edu
Sloan Meadows Dentistry  meado055@umn.edu
Ruth Gebremedhin Healthcare Administration gebre052@umn.edu
Toya Lopez Healthcare Administration lopez814@umn.edu
Gunnar Nemitz Medicine nemit013@umn.edu
Andrew Ashmore Medical Laboratory Sciences ashmo017@umn.edu
Julia Hudgens Medical Laboratory Sciences hudge005@umn.edu
Marin Fischer Nursing (BSN) fisch961@umn.edu
Jessica Lenderts Nursing (MS) lende017@umn.edu
Julia Barbian Occupational Therapy barb0177@umn.edu
Karie Francen Occupational Therapy franc679@umn.edu
Chelsea Bolier Pharmacy bolie001@umn.edu
Meagan McCormick Pharmacy mccor348@umn.edu
Melissa Bauer Physical Therapy baue0394@umn.edu
Keri Rogan Physical Therapy rogan011@umn.edu
Lydia Stein Physical Therapy stei1414@umn.edu
Ellen Sutter Physical Therapy sutte051@umn.edu
Bharat Balyan Public Health balyan002@umn.edu 
Gregory Knowlton Public Health knowl193@umn.edu
Alexia Martin Public Health mart3791@umn.edu
Alexandra McFawn Veterinary Medicine mcfaw001@umn.edu
Tatum Odland Veterinary Medicine odlan035@umn.edu
Caitlyn Rize  Veterinary Medicine  rize0001@umn.edu