Executive Council

The CHIP Executive Council is CHIP's governing student body and is comprised of students from health professional programs. 

Student recruitment

Through this organization you'll strengthen your organizational and team-building skills, enhance what you learn in class, and have fun in the process!

Executive Council members keep their fellow classmates informed about CHIP-related events, plan academic and social interprofessional activities and work on issues of common interest.

Interested in getting involved? 

Contact your CHIP Executive Council representative for more information.

Current Representatives:



Email Address

Chelsea Bolier (Co-Chair) Pharmacy [email protected]
Giselle Wallace (Co-Chair) Dentistry  [email protected]
Belen Castro Dental Hygiene [email protected]
Karen Bird Dental Therapy [email protected]
Kate Dockter Dental Therapy [email protected]
Pa Nhia Her Dentistry [email protected]
My Vang Dentistry [email protected]
Chloe Goodman Healthcare Administration [email protected]
Lauren Vlaanderen Healthcare Administration [email protected]
Rebecca Kruc Medicine [email protected]
Abby Rice Medicine [email protected]
Julie Pekala Nursing (BSN)-Twin Cities [email protected]
Kaitlyn Anderson Nursing (BSN)-Rochester [email protected]
Lynna Long Nursing (MS) [email protected]
Laura Pratt Nursing (MS) [email protected]
Kendra Bollig Occupational Therapy [email protected]
Kristen Murray Occupational Therapy-Rochester [email protected]
Alec Helmke Pharmacy [email protected]
Henrik Olson Pharmacy [email protected]
Mitchel Fenrich Physical Therapy [email protected]
Katie Larson Physical Therapy [email protected]
Amy Lamb Public Health [email protected]
Julia Ngep Public Health [email protected]
Devon Sauerer Public Health [email protected]
Morgan Jones Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Rees Parrish Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
Michael Streitz Veterinary Medicine [email protected]