UMN Hot Spotters


UMN Hot Spotters is an interprofessional student organization which strives to improve care of patients with high utilization through multiple means including patient care, research, education, policy and partnering with community organizations.

Our work is focused on four categories:

  • research,
  • intervention,
  • curriculum, and
  • policy.

Students benefit from our group through opportunities for patient interaction and experience in research, policy and curriculum development. The University benefits by investigating means to improve patient care. We are an organization of graduate and professional students working to improve patient care. Check out the Hot Spotters Website to Learn More.


Hannah Chau

Manami  Bhattacharya

Alex Roseman

Sameena Ahmed

Elise Durgin


Andrew Olson

Gina Kundan

UMN Hot Spotters in New Jersey with Jeffery Brenner, Andrew Morris-Singer, Stacy Remke, and others from the Camden Coaltition of Healthcare Providers and Primary Care Progress