When you take part in our events and activities, you'll expand your own knowledge and learn about each other's programs and perspectives on health care. And you'll find out how to work as part of a team--a critical skill for future health professionals.

Events and Activities

Our annual interprofessional dinner teams faculty with students from different colleges for structured discussions. The groups talk about their chosen field of study and discuss a previously distributed case from their own professional perspective--which leads to some eye-opening discussions.

Informal noontime lectures address hot topics such as 'End of Life Issues', sponsored by the Bioethics Committee, and 'Bear Attacks', sponsored by the Wilderness Health Committee.

Experiential education events include wilderness camping, alternative break service programs, and participation in the spring CLARION patient case competition.

Our field trips provide a refreshing change for busy students. Trips vary by year and student interest. In the past, we have visited Woodwinds Hospital, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, and Hazelden Treatment Center.

Day-long retreats get you away from campus and out in the woods. These interactive retreats address topics such as end-of-life issues, cultural competencies, and substance abuse issues, which featured speakers from Hazelden and an invited panel of recovering health professionals.

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