Case Competition

CLARION Case Competition
In these CLARION events, Local and national students form interprofessional teams to enhance their problem analysis and presentation skills. Each team is charged with applying their creativity, knowledge, and experience to analyze the diverse issues facing a healthcare organization. Presentations are made to a panel of judges representing leaders in the healthcare field and scholarships are presented to each member of the winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Local & National teams.

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The Interprofessional Dinner

CLARION Award BanquetThe CLARION Interprofessional Dinner is an annual event hosted by CLARION open to all health professional students. It is a great opportunity to meet students from other programs and learn about the importance of interprofessionalism in healthcare from our guest speakers while enjoying a meal. This is also a chance to learn more about the CLARION Case Competition from board members and past participants.

2019 Topic: Provider Burnout



"Mini" Case Competition

CLARION Mini Case Competition Event Flyer

At the CLARION "Mini" Case Competition, students will be placed on an interprofessional team to solve a case relating to healthcare delivery. Teams will then have time to share what they found to be the most important challenges detailed in the case and their unique solutions, which will then be followed by a debrief session focused on the importance of interprofessional teamwork and how to tackle difficult healthcare delivery questions together.