Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can teams have alternate students? No. The maximum number of students who can participate (research, planning, presenting, etc) on the team is four.

For the UMN Local Competition, how are teams formed? Students register individually and are randomly assigned to a team.

Who are the judges the students will be presenting to? The panel of judges will consist of an interprofessional team of experts and practitioners in the healthcare field. Teams usually present to three to four judges.

Who determines/forms the case for the competition? The topic of the case is determined based on current systemic issues in healthcare. A team of healthcare faculty at the University of Minnesota lead the case writing, and consult with subject matter experts on the year’s topic.

What student level usually participates in this competition? The case competition is open to all health professional students, including both bachelor level (e.g. Bachelor of Science in Nursing students) and master/doctoral level (e.g. Master of Public Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc). For undergraduate programs, participation in the Junior or Senior year is recommended.

How long do teams get to work on the case? The case is released to all participants at the same time, in late January.  Many schools (including the University of MN) host local competitions in early-mid March, giving teams about six weeks to prepare. The National Competition takes place in mid-late April, so teams competing in the national competition have about 10-12 weeks from the time the case is released to the time of the competition.

Is the same case used for the local and national competition? Yes.

Additional Information
  • Team Composition Requirements and Rules can be found on our Case Competition web page under “Team Composition and Rules”.
  • Important dates, such as when registration opens/closes, the date of the National Case Competition, and fees can be found on our National Case Competition web page under “2019 Competition Information.”
  • Important dates such as when registration opens/closes, the information session, and the date of the University of Minnesota’s Local Case Competition can be found on our Local Case Competition web page under “2019 Competition Information.”